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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Embrace employee choice!
Talk to us about our Shared Ownership Scheme. A sure way to increase business productivity. An exciting innovative scheme from Compu find out more call us on (01) 507 9111 or email

Shared ownership

The trend of employees requesting that their device of choice be supported at their place of work has reached new proportions.

A recent report published by Accenture noted that “Consumer IT will play a growing role at work as the capabilities of consumer devices continue to outpace those provided by enterprise IT.”

At Compu b we are helping Irish businesses embrace this new way of working by offering Irish businesses a method to acquire iPads, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air whereby the employee and the employer both make a contribution towards a device of the employees choice. Using our scheme companies can reduce their IT costs by a huge percentage and avail of many of the advantages associated with the “Bring Your Own Device” trend.

Some of the benefits encountered by IT Decision makers, business unit leaders and “C” level executives are;

  • Increase in employee productivity.
  • Rise in employee satisfaction.
  • Easier employee access to services and information.
  • Vastly improved internal collaboration.

Protecting and securing the companies data is of utmost concern for IT departments when considering the adoption of a BYOD scheme. At Compu b we can help you plan and adopt an effective strategy that means you can manage the use of consumer technologies in your business. For more information please contact us on (01) 507 9111 or email

Some useful links to reports containing information on consumer IT in your business.

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